The entire training & promotion is free. We take a Training deposit to confirm your commitment.

Participants commit to selling 10 tickets to friends and family, if this target has been reached the deposit will be refunded after the event.

Participants must commit to sell a minimum of 5 tickets, fewer than this will put your fight at risk.

By taking part, contestants pledge to try and raise a minimum of £50 for Charity via a designated fundraising page.

Our coaches must be able to assess your ability to safely match you, if you have not attend enough sparring / training sessions we reserve the right to a) arrange an exhibition bout or b) cancel your fight if we do not feel that is safe for you/ your opponent to fight.

Please check with your GP before entering the competition.
Deposit is not refundable should you be unable to complete training on health grounds.

We reserve the right, in some cases, to offer an exhibition match only to those over 55 years of age. Exhibition bouts may also be appropriate in the instance that you do not meet the required standard for a competitive bout, or on the rare occasion where there are no fighters available that would make a fair competitive bout

Deposit is ONLY refundable upon selling 10 tickets.